Most of the resources in the field of data science are in English and the MSc Programme will be taught exclusively in English.

In order to enrol for the Programme you will need to demonstrate 

  1. English to Level B2 (Any English-speaking university or a B2 equivalent can be found in the area: 'Document Center' -> select 'OZI' -> then search the term 'B2'). This certificate can be sent after you are selected.
  2. at least 20 ECTS in relevant Mathematics and/or Statistics, e.G. Analysis, Linear Algebra, Numerical Analysis, Probability Theory, etc. (at least 75% via University Courses). Normally this is about 4 courses.
  3. at least 25 ECTS in relevant Computer Science, e.g. Programming, Databases, Distributed Systems, Application Programming (at least 75% via University Courses). Normally this is 5 courses.

A degree in „Medieninformatik“, „Technische Informatik – Embedded Systems“ or „Angewandte Mathematik“ of BHT -Hochschule für Technik Berlin or an equivalent Bachelor with at least 180 ECTS which fulfil the ECTS criteria according to ZO §3 (2) a.

Please bear in mind that the subject in which you completed your Bachelor's degree is completely irrelevant. You may also have studied Egyptian history or marine biology. You only need a very good Bachelor and the ECTS!!

If you do not know if you meet the conditions, see FAQ #1 and make a list for yourself. If you apply it is highly appreciated if you attach this list! Please note: your work experience can not taken into account!

Furthermore APS could be required in some countries!


  • The application period ends two months after the start (see frontpage)!
  • The procedure has been changed due to the new BHT system.
  • Please translate and follow the steps here. Now you only apply at uni-assist.

All documents

  • officially accredited copies of the original Bachelor graduation certificate* of your university including the official German or English translation.** (You can not sent this later if it comes a few weeks or months later!)
  • your birth certificate (latest at enrollment), simple copy might be ok
  • a simple copy of your A-level / high school diploma
  • For uni-assist: A proof of fee payment and a copy of the page in your passport, with your name and photo. This copy does not need to be certified.

must be sent to uni-assist by all international applicants.

Please read the original document requirements by uni-assist and the original BHT documentation for additional requirements! Our list above is without warranty.

Berliner Hochschule für Technik c/o UNI-ASSIST e.V. 11507 Berlin

Please read this information and prior to your application.

Siunce 2021 it could be possible that a pure online application is ok. Please search the uni-assist website!

Telefone of uni-assist for applicants: +49 30 201 646 001

Please note: You are required to cover any bank transfer or exchange rate fees priorly!

Uni-Assist will check your certificates, convert the grades and then uni-assist will send everything to Beuth University! So foreign applicants do not need to send material to our university!


For the final enrollment (after you have been accepted) you will need additionally:

  • the proof of English B2 (end August latest)
  • a proof of a health insurance
  • your German residence permit
  • possibly: your certificate of birth

Uni-Assist sends your application documents to BHT. The specific selection process, the language B2 proof inspection and the ECTS check will be done afterwards at BHT. The actual documents to be submitted to BHT will be listed on the admission notification.

Enrollment Fees

Berlin Universities do require small Enrollment and Semester-Registration fees. However we do not charge any tuition fees. See 'Beuth Fees'.


* Officially certified copies of the following authorities will be accepted:

  • the respective embassy / consulate of your country in Germany
  • the German embassy / consulate mission in your country
  • The certificate issuing institution of your home country
  • APS certificate issuing institiutions in your home country

** An official translation is 

  • certified by a publicly appointed and sworn translator
  • certified by a German representation office abroad or foreign representation office in Germany 
  • valid by foreign officially certified / public translators



BHT Online Registration Help

Enter the BHT Online Application System via this link and start the registration (no not forget the password!! pwd change and recovery is eventually not possible). Please note that our University has renamed itself! Hence the old name of Beuth and not BHT are shown!

Now enter your data to complete the registration.

Now agree that Beuth is allowed to store your data:

As yor registration is not complete, you will find an activation link in your email. Once confirmed you are now able to login and manage your account, change your data and apply to study.



The confirmation link requires a correct login with the data you have provided:

The system now shows your workspace:

If you apply, you will go step-by-step through 6 pages. Page 1 tells you:

  • You can only apply within the limited official time-frames
  • The enrollment can be deleted if the timeframes are not satisfied by you or if the type / apperance of your application is not correct. Additionally the enrollment can be cancelled if facts become apparent that might have lead to a denial of the enrollment.
  • Your correct address is representative for the communication with you. You always have to be able to receive your post. Missing of terms and timeframes charge to your account. Timeframes are only satisfied if the application documents arrive in time and complete.
  • Please get informed early about application restrictions and enrollment requirements (e.g. practical background)
  • If you want to apply for a higher semester, you have to bring at least 30 credits from your earlier study. Only then you will be ranked accordingly. This proof has to be given within the formal application timeframes (course assessment, module handbook, etc.)
  • (some info about starting a Bachelor)
  • If you want to apply in the case of hardship, you can find the respective forms on the homepage of the formularcenter of the student administration. Please add this form to all the other documents within the given official timeframe.
  • Please note that the application documents have to be signed by hand.
  • Detailed information about all university courses can be found here
  • The signed online application PDF has to be sent (together with the documents listed above) to UNI-ASSIST (as explained above).

Now you select that you want to study data science starting at the correct start date of the semester:

After giving us your place of birth and your nationality:

Now you need to enter information about

  1. your school time that enables you to study and 
  2. your Bachelor degree that enables you to study a master program

Note that we take the converted grade by uni-assist and not the grades you enter here. So dear foreign students: it really does not matter what you enter here! Select something with aHR (allgemeine Hochschulreife as "Fachgymnasium aHR"). HRZ Means Hochschulzugangsberechtigung which is the type of admission to study.

You might also convert your grades to the German grades (1,0 is best; 4,0 is worst).

If - anywhere in the process - you receive red error marks, try to translate the messaged on the bottom of the page!

Now we might need additional information which could be necessary only for German students!

Now print everything and correct everything. Then send it of (in our case) to UNI-ASSIST. The "Bewerbung absenden" will show you the PDF download screen. The message on this screen says: Send it to Beuth, but this is meant to German students only! Of course international applicants MUST sent all via uni-assist!

scrolling down...

Now you have printed and stored your application. Congratulations!

Good luck! We hope you will be selected.