There are two formal requirements for getting enrolled in this program:

  • a first University degree (Bachelor or Diploma) with at least 180 credits acc. to the ECTS
  • a CEFR English level B2

The first University degree must be demonstrated by a corresponding certificate from the University where you obtained it. That certificate will be part of the documents you need when applying (see Application below).

Note that, usually, 4 years studies outside the EU are accredited with 180 credit points acc. to the EU scale (ECTS), and 5 years studies outside the EU are accredited with 210 ECTS credit points. Since the Master's degree will be confered once you have obtained 300 ECTS credit points, and the Master's program Information and Communications Engineering enables you to obtain 90 credit points only, having less than 210 credit points requires enrolling in additional modules to obtain the missing 30 credit points. This will be possible by enrolling in other modules at the University. We do, however, also accredit professional working experiences for the missing credits. The regulations for additional modules are set out in a document here.

The English level does not need to be proven by students that graduated from a first program which is taught in English (especially in countries where English is the first language), or who have an University entrance certificate from an English language school. Otherwise, the level can be proven by:

  • ·         IELTS > 5.0
  • ·         Cambridge Certificate FCE, CAE, or CPE
  • ·         TOEFL iBT 80
  • ·         UNIcert II

A corresponding certificate is required for your final admission but can be provided once you have got an initial admission.


You can apply between April 15 and June 15 for each winter term.

Students having obtained their first University degree in Germany can directly apply at Beuth University, see explanation on the official webpage here.

Students having obtained their first University degree in a foreign country must apply via UNIASSIST e.v., the application procedure is described here (official webpage, in German) or here (same webpage in English using google translate). That involves using the Beuth online application form which can be obtained via the Beuth online application sytem. The Beuth online application system is in German only but a guide in English how to generate that form using this system can be found here.

Online-only applications are possible for the Beuth University, see The Beuth University accepts online-only applications and you may submit all your application documents electronically to the my-uniassist portal after having registered in the Beuth University online registration portal (see explanation here).

Please note that since UNIASSIST e.V. requires about three weeks for checking the documents, it is urgently recommended applying as soon as possbile, at least in May for the winter term, to not delay the application process!

Information as to the Covid-19 Pandemic Situation

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